Friday, August 11, 2006

Star Trek: Reboot the Universe

In 2006, Bryce Zabel (Dark Skies, Lois & Clark) and J. Michael Mxyzptlk (Babylon Fumf) pitched a "reimagining" of the Classic Trek series to Paramount.

The new series would feature Kirk, McCoy, Spock, et al, but cast with new actors. The series would begin when Kirk first takes command of the Enterprise, and would be a combination of new stories and remakes of some classic episodes.

The 14-page proposal can be downloaded here (.pdf).

Personally, I think Bryce and J. Mike had 75% of a great idea there. I'm not too keen about a female Scotty or tribbles with teeth; but overall, I think they were on the right track. It's certainly a better direction than the Starfleet Academy 90210 concept that's been kicked around lately.