Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kevin Spacey: Queso Bastard

A Discussion ensues:

FoolProof> Brent Spiner is kind of mean.
FuzzyDave> I'd like to stuff Brent Spiner and Kevin Spacey into a sack and let the two of em snark each other to death. Those bitchy queens get on my tits
FoolProof> Is KS snarky much?
FuzzyDave> Yas.
FuzzyDave> NEVER ask Kevin Spacey for his queso recipe. You'd think you'd asked him to slap an orphan. Christ, what an asshole.
crataegus> It's hard to "hide" that desire for Slavic boy dick, Dave. It has to bubble out somehow.

The world will never know
what Kevin Spacey
puts in his queso.