Thursday, May 1, 2008


* * * FuzzyDave bemoans the sad fact that no one delivers Swedish Meatballs
FuzzyDave> *moan*
crataegus> mmmm, yinga hinga hurgie furgie
FuzzyDave> that i think of it, i don't know of any restaurants in central fla. that serve swedish meatballs. Another reason to hate florida.
Serisan> I can't think of a non-buffet that serves them.
FuzzyDave> it's ridiculous! i can get MONGOLIAN BARBECUE at a half-dozen places near my house, but no swedish meatballs. I can't believe Orlando has more Mongolians than Swedes.


LowFlyingMule> Goddamn Mongolians!
FuzzyDave> Mongolians are the Otters of Asia Major
LowFlyingMule> damn right they are...evil little bastards
FuzzyDave> evil swarthy bastards
LowFlyingMule>love their beef though
FuzzyDave> o yah. their beef is righteous. fuckers.