Sunday, July 22, 2007

Seth Rogan to be Green Hornet?

The LA Times reported this week that "Freaks and Geeks" alum Seth Rogan is in the process of inking a deal that would have him write and star in a The Green Hornet film slated to release in 2009.

At first blush, I'm sure most fanboys will react with a Chris Griffin Whuuuuuu?, but after a little thought, I'm actually pretty stoked (yes. stoked) about the news. I think Rogan will come up with a kick-ass script and I'm pretty sure he can pull off playing Britt Reid.

My only reservation about this is that I hope he doesn't turn it into a full-on comedy. The movie doesn't have to be super-serious like "Batman Begins" -- just don't be Adam Westy. And for crissakes, don't "reimagine" the series by making Kato a chick. Oh. And the Black Beauty had better be as awesome as the Chrysler Imperial from the old TV show.

Update: Looks like Rogan's first pick for Kato is Stephen Chow.