Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Wørd: Class

Stephen Colbert was nominated for four Emmys tonight. As of this writing, he'd lost in three categories -- including one where he lost to Barry Fucking Manilow (!); but the fourth -- writing for a variety show -- is being awarded. Colbert has two noms in this category: 1 for his writing on the Daily Show and another for The Colbert Report.

Stewart's show wins.

Now, Colbert has a right to walk up onstage with the other writers, but instead he chooses to stay in his seat so Jon Stewart and his current crew can be in the limelight.

That, Nation, is Class.

Update: Here's a clip from last night's Emmy Awards where Colbert & Stewart present the Best Reality Show award and Colbert blurts out "I LOST TO BARRY MANILOW!!!" Best moment of the night.