Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sony is DOOOMED!!!! Maybe...

"Krazy" Ken Kutaragi reminds me a lot of that Icarus Kid. You know, the one that flew too high, only to get burnt by the sun.

Wired posted Can the PS3 Save Sony this morning, detailing the many pitfalls Sony faces with the launch of the PS3: Microsoft is a year ahead with the Xbox 360. Nintendo stole E3 with the highly affordable Wii. Blu-ray is far from a guaranteed format. And gamers will have to throw down 600 bones for the un-gimped PS3. That's right, you heard me right, $600.

Is this "Game Over" for the giant corporate conglomerate? Or will the initials "PS3" remain at the top of the high score leader board for years to come?